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Mixed Media Artist based in Los Angeles


Carlee Craig is a Production Designer and a Lifelong Creative. A native from the Metro Detroit Area, Carlee was raised in a family of innovative, do-it-yourself problem solvers. Similar to her Mother and sisters she had a passion for revamping spaces and creating art from nothing.

Her love of art led her to study at Columbia College Chicago where she explored different art classes and earned her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Cultural Studies. After college, Carlee ventured to Los Angeles where she began working in Film. It wasn't long till she found her niche in Art Department. Carlee has worked for Funny or Die, Lifetime, the Food Network, Verizon, Nintendo and much more.

Carlee is currently in Los Angeles but is always keen to travel for work. When she is not on set, she is creating collages and mixed media art in her studio. She's always looking for people to collaborate and make magic with!


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  • Los Angeles, CA, USA